Lava Shells are a new and exciting product to enter the world of massage. As exclusive distributors and trainers of Lava Shell Massage throughout the UK and Ireland and owners of Lava Angels Ltd, Shared Beauty Secrets rely greatly on their online image.

Shared Beauty SecretsIt goes without saying that a sleek, responsive, accessible and fresh looking website was a must. Village Web Design was drafted in to modernise their site and reduce the rather expensive editing costs and address the niggly problems that too many business owners are familiar with, such as hard-to-edit content and low readership levels.

With our expertise and extensive knowledge of WordPress sites, we were able to create a seamless website that is oh-so-easy to edit and upload new content plus add news without the hassle they went through with their old website. As part of this, we built an accessible online shop complete with various levels of access appropriate to individual customers.

We were also able to create a designated area for those important testimonials, celebrity endorsements and press coverage which help turn visitors into customers and generates increased sales leads and grow their readership.

Not only is the Shared Beauty Secrets website now faster and much more user friendly (a must these days for discerning visitors) it’s in-keeping with their overall professional image. Time is of the essence these days so it pays to have a website that is easy to navigate and find exactly what you want – and this is just what we did for this website!

If you’d like more information on how we could help you and your business, or strategies to increase sales and web visits, get in touch and we’ll arrange an informal chat or a 1 to 1 meeting to discuss your requirements.


Plus, video and photography….