Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about Village Web Design

Joining Us
Why choose us?
We’ve got 20+ years experience in the industry – designing and implement simple to very complex database-driven web sites.

You will get a personal service tailored to your needs and we will make every effort to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

Apart from getting a stunning new site you get expertise in e-commerce, content, social media, marketing and search-engine optimisation (SEO) plus access to a fully integrated reservation and property-management system as optional extras.

We pride ourselves in keeping all of our sites running 99.9% of the time (or better) and we have robust systems in place to recover everything in the event of a disaster.

Ultimately you are not tied to us irreversibly (although we are confident you will not want to leave)

What do you need from me?
Clearly you need to have some idea of what you want and a budget level you want to work to.

We do need you to supply your own words and photos/images (for which you must own the copyright) – however we can suggest content, source high quality licensed images  and take photos (and videos) of your property for an additional fee.

At the other end of the scale we can provide a complete consultancy service to take you through the whole process from concept, through fulfilment to ongoing management. It’s your choice. It’s your budget!

Contract and Payment Terms

A quotation will be provided, along with terms for payment of deposit, and final payment

Contracts are for a minimum of 12 months renewable annually.

For bespoke sites we may (depending on the work involved) ask for a deposit to show your commitment – this will normally be 50% of the estimated cost.

Domain registration and hosting
At the very minimum we need to host the site on our own servers to ensure that the site runs as efficiently and reliably as possible. You could still maintain your own domain registration and emails.

However most of our customers want us to do everything – domain registration and renewal, web site hosting and emails.

The domain name will always belong to you.

What if I've already got a web site and I'm happy with my hosting ?
We need to host the site on our own servers to ensure that the site runs as efficiently and reliably as possible but you can still maintain your own domain registration and emails if you want. We can show you how to change your DNS records to point to your new web site on our servers. We will help you to to do this if you are not sure.
Set Up

Ongoing Support

How quickly can my website be up and running?

We will aim to have you up and running within 5 working days from the moment you supply us with the basic content – photos and what you want to say about yourselves.

Bespoke sites will, of course, take longer depending on what is required

Is the system reliable?
We aim for 99.9% uptime and your site and database are backed up every night in the early hours to ensure recovery in the event of a disaster. We also make sure that security patches and updates are applied regularly to minimise the chance of your site being hacked.
How do I get help?

Just contact us using the details on our contact page..

Leaving Us
What is my commitment?
We are confident that you won’t want to leave us but we appreciate that circumstances do change.

You are basically agree to stay with us for 12 months from the date of the first invoice.

If you pay annually you can stop using us any time but the annual fee you have paid is not refundable. Don’t forget you only pay the first invoice if you are happy with your new site.

If you pay monthly we expect to receive the balance due between the date you leave and the next annual billing date i.e. until you have paid 12 invoices. We will not release domain names or code until this has been done.

Who owns what?
Even if we register it for you the domain name for your site belongs to you and we will release it to you once current invoices/part-payments are settled.

The code and database belong to us but we are happy to bundle it up and let you have it to use yourself or give to your new developer for a one off £65.00 + VAT fee (in addition to any other invoices outstanding).