So, I stumbled across Karl (AKA Papa G) at a school open day, and we got talking about his business making Bluetooth products for worldwide sale. We met again, to talk about his latest project, to make large speakers in the form of collectable characters. These are premium products, with an awesome sound & build quality.

That was in October 2015. Since then, we have had 4 iterations of the main website, with 3 stores operating in various worldwide regions. The site includes much bespoke styling, as well as many additional functions, such as a helpdesk, mailing opt in, social media feeds, as well as an affiliate reward scheme. The shops integrate directly with warehouses to manage shipping, and also link with the accounting system for live and seamless updates to the sales ledger in regional centres. Finally a members-only site offers technical support, and service desk.

Liaising with Dan Dan Digital design agency to build the main site, we launched the latest version of the site recently.

Psst – clients and fiends can access a code to get 15% discount for a limited time off all products. Just ask!