Mark rang me in a bit of a pickle. He had asked a friend to make him a website for his new business. But he was far from happy. We talked about how I could help him, and we agreed to go ahead. Unfortunately when he told the friend, they decided to shut down the site they had started, and be difficult.

As the business was yet to launch (3 days hence!), we decided that we would buy a new domain, and set the new site up from there. With a promise to have at least a homepage in place ib this timescale, in fact we were ready with a full 7 page site in time for the launch.

We will get the old domain in due course, but as it cannot be transferred within 60 days of registration, we will just have to wait a bit. Suffice to say that the old domain was registered in the ‘friend’s’ name, not the business, and therefore getting it forcefully will be very difficult. A note for all business owners. – Make sure any domain / hosting is registered in your name, not the web developer. It’s your right to do so, and makes life much simpler should you drift (or fall) apart.